Ink and Paper

16 Aug

We started printing on our ovals yesterday. There’s nothing better than being back in the studio and feeling the ink under my fingernails. I learned how to do relief printing, which is fantastic and wonderful, and involved plywood from Holly’s box. We are printing in preparation for Jillian’s upcoming installation piece. The greys of the paper and the blues of the ink are incredible. Jillian said that printing is magical — that it is a collaboration with the process. And it’s true — the knots and intricacies in the wood can’t be replicated. I mean, they can be, but how much more enriching and beautiful is it that we can use recycled materials even at this aspect in our project?

I wish all of you could see and feel the paper, examine the knots, and sigh at the beauty. It’s simply the best. This is only the first printing we are doing — next comes gold ink!

Here are some pictures from our day in the studio.

Rolling out the ink to ink the plywood.

Laying the ovals on the inked plywood. The end result: SO COOL.

Can you even handle it? No. No, you can’t.

Cleaning up the leftover ink.

The sky as I left the studio.

Well. That’s life in the studio at the moment. Soon, the project will be over and that will be a sad day. Until then…


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